• Date:

    Oct 29,30,31 Nov 06 & 07 2021
  • Time:

    Afternoon 2.00 - 4.00 PM
  •   Pay Rs.500 towards e-Certificates and get free subscription of the English Edition of Motor Vikatan E-magazine for one year

Dear Readers!

Motor Vikatan and Mahindra & Mahindra present Online Workshop on Automotive Design & Development

8 Days I 14 Topics I 20 Experts

Missed the 1st week of the workshop? Don't worry, still you can enroll and get your E-certificate.

Provided you listen to the recorded sessions full & fill the feedback forms.

The feedback forms for the first 3 days and the link to view the recorded sessions of the first 3 days will be mailed to the registered participants.

Inaugural Address:

R.VELUSAMY, Chief of the Global Product Development - Automotive Division

Senthur Pandian: Product Development Overview- Structured way to Develop an Inspirational Product.

Vikraman: Tough Yet Sophisticated Development of a Vehicle BIW & Suspension System.

Ganesh Adiga: Creative Process behind Automotive Interior & Exterior Design.

Akella Sarma: Engineering analysis and vehicle development (NVH And Crash).

Binoy Paul: Future Mobility & SCI-FI Technology.

Yogaraja V: Vehicle Architecture & Advanced Engineering.

Amutha V: Program Management in Automotive Industry & Role of the Program Manager.

Vishnu Patade: Impact of Perceived Quality in Vehicle design.

Prakash Rao Malathkar: Workshop on Powertrain Design & Development.

Manoj Varghese: Automotive Product Development through Platform, People and Process.

Rajakumar K/Shabbir Karnure: Fundamentals of Vehicle Ride & Handling and Validation)

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    Participants can download Zoom app for Mobile/Desktop using the link https://zoom.us/download

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    App Store link https://apps.apple.com/us/app/zoom-cloud-meetings/id546505307

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    Find an ideal place with good network and without disturbance. Please check your internet connection stability using this link https://www.speedtest.net
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  •  Please be Punctual

    Participants are requested to log in 10 mins before the start of the session in Zoom

  •  Please Turn Off your audio & video

    To listen the speaker clearly, please mute Mic & Video while logging into the Zoom.If the organisers see any discomfort (Audio/video disturbance) by any participant, we will immediately remove the participant from the session

  •  No Refund

    Money once paid will not be refunded if the participant fails to attend the Workshop/Seminar. Registration will close on October 29th at 10.00 am

  •  E-Certificate/Fees

    Fees Rs.500/- It is mandatory to attend the workshop all the days without fail and fill the feedback forms at the end of every session. While registering please enter your name, with the exact spelling in which you want your certificate. 



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